About IDSL

IDSL-24 exhibition is not an exhibition focusing on extended defense systems of land/ air/ sea forces and warfare striking power.

IDSL-24 is the other important interface of defense. The exhibition is about the supply of all kinds of inevitable needs of military and national security forces at times of operations and war.
IDSL-24 offers a platform where dual use goods which are used both for the military and civil purposes are exhibited and it covers systems and products of health, garment, food, information systems, software, security, satellite systems, transportation, communication, robots, disaster, search and rescue, storage, customs proceedings.

IDSL-24 also aims at meeting the maintenance, repair, spare part needs of striking powers.

IDSL-24 will also serve as a platform introducing the latest new technological developments and new versions of the goods, equpment and tools used by general command of gendermarie, directorate general of national security, coast guard command which are responsbile for ensuring public order, and also afad (disaster and emergency management presidency) and kizilay (red crescent)
Idsl-24 will provide guidance particularly to the small and medium scale industrialists, as it help them to determine and produce the subsidiary industry spare parts needed by the domestic and foreign large companies engaged in the production for defense industry.

Our Mission

Our mission ıs to be a company which opens new horizons to the small/ large enterprises in our country through the exhibitions we conduct; make contributıon to our economy and export by doıng so and endevour to always remain at the summit.  

Our Principles

  • Innovative 
  • Focused on needs
  • Beliving in participatory approach and client satisfaction 
  • Idealist, hardworking
  • Ethical and honest
  • Transparent and open to audit 
  • Breaking grounds